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At PIIC we are committed to delivering health equity in podiatry with our image repository and education platform. With your support, we can provide images of the foot and ankle to support correct diagnosis on non-white populations around the world. Join us in making a difference today.

The College of Podiatry Trust 

“The College of Podiatry Trust was pleased to help support the development of PIIC, a tool that will help countless clinicians access non-white foot and ankle photography to help aide correct diagnosis and treatment. PIIC is committed to making clinical and podiatric education more inclusive in the images it uses to demonstrate conditions, and we commend it”.

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Here are some ways you can support PIIC


Professional Diagnosis

Are you a dermatological or specialist podiatrist with an interest in supporting PIIC?

Donate Images

Donate images and help support health equity in podiatry today.

The legal part

GDPR and Permission

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