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Embracing PIIC’s Autumn Victories

PIIC's remarkable journey continued, as the crisp autumn leaves descended and the days started to get a little shorter. The PIIC team found themselves immersed in a season of triumphs and opportunities. Led by the passionate and dedicated Monique Cleary, PIIC embarked on a journey that showcased their commitment to advancing health equity and care. From the Royal College of Podiatry annual conference to the University of Southampton's Founder Showcase, the autumn months brought forth a cascade of exciting developments for PIIC.

Black entrepreneur and founder Monique high energy presentation


Join the Movement!

PIIC's journey is fuelled by passion, innovation, and a commitment to health equity. If you share our vision and enthusiasm, we invite you to be part of the team shaping the future of podiatry care. Your unique skills and perspective could contribute to the transformative impact we aim to achieve.


Royal College of Podiatry Annual Conference: Reimaging Podiatry in Liverpool

Monique Cleary's enthusiasm was palpable as she stepped onto the stage at the conference held in the vibrant city of Liverpool. The event served as an ideal platform to share PIIC's innovative approaches to making podiatry inclusive and reimaging the future with the UK’s growing diverse population. With an audience of podiatry professionals, academics, and enthusiasts, Cleary highlighted origins of PIIC via her personal leadership story and how pushing the boundaries of podiatry means stepping into the future for all clinicians. The exchange of ideas and experiences at the conference set the stage for PIIC's continued growth and influence within the podiatry community.


VentureFest South: PIIC Takes Center Stage

Autumn brought a golden opportunity for PIIC to shine at VentureFest South, a dynamic event that celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship. PIIC, showcased its groundbreaking initiatives and cutting-edge solutions that are transforming the landscape of podiatric care. Engaging with investors, fellow innovators, and industry experts, PIIC left an indelible mark at VentureFest South, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the field of podiatry.


Council of Deans Health Equity Month: PIIC's Privilege of Recognition

Being featured in the Council of Deans Health Equity Month was a profound honour for PIIC. PIIC’s vision and the team's mission to advance health equity in podiatry were acknowledged on a national scale. The recognition underscored PIIC's dedication to addressing healthcare disparities and promoting inclusivity within the profession. It was a pivotal moment that affirmed PIIC's role as a trailblazer in championing health equity within the podiatry domain.


University of Southampton's Founder Showcase: A cohort presentation.

Monique Cleary's journey continued as she took the stage as a distinguished guest at the University of Southampton's Founder Showcase. The event provided a platform for Cleary to share PIIC's story of innovation, growth, and impact. Engaging with aspiring entrepreneurs and future business owners, Cleary conveyed the importance of persistence, passion, and collaborative efforts in driving positive change within the healthcare sector.


Black entrepreneur and founder Monique gives group presentation

Fuelled by Monique Cleary's unwavering dedication and the team's commitment to pushing the boundaries of health equity, the journey from prestigious conferences to recognition in health equity initiatives showcased PIIC's resilience and impact in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare innovation. As the season transitions, one can only anticipate the continued growth and success that PIIC, under Monique Cleary's leadership, will undoubtedly achieve in the coming seasons.


Get Involved Today!

If you're eager to contribute to PIIC's mission and be a part of our dynamic team, we welcome you. For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or to express your interest in joining us, please contact:


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