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Pitch Winner! BWTT London

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

July saw PIIC entered in to its first pitch competition for seed funding to create an image repository website and educational platform.

The competition was a unique one; hosted by Black Women Talk Tech [BWTT], an American based investment community with a mission to create and support billion dollar companies with black female founders. The event was held at the monthly black-owned Hackney Bohemia Place Market with a prize of £5000 funded by Accenture. The event saw five women deliver two-minute pitches about their tech-based start-up company followed by a Q&A from a panel of prestigious judges.

With a packed venue and a vibrant market taking place outside, the pitches were delivered to an audience that welcomed new innovation coming into their community, from their community and for their community. All the women supported and cheered one another on and due to the high quality of entries, the judges decided to create joint winners for the £5000 prize. PIIC and That Good Hair were announced the winners of the 2023 London BWTT pitch event.

Founder of PIIC and 'pitch giver' Monique Cleary stated: "As PIIC's first outing in to the seed and investment world, we could not have been happier with the result. This was a truly wonderful event to enter the public domain and welcomed with open arms by BWTT and all the supporters at the Bohemia Place Market."


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