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Welcome to PIIC
Podiatry Inclusive Image 

Delivering diverse and representative educational resources

Enabling health equity

in Podiatry

Delivering health equity in podiatry, to support correct diagnosis on non-white global population.

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We believe that everyone deserves equal access to healthcare. At PIIC, we are committed to providing inclusive resources to support correct diagnosis for all.

 Join us in our mission to promote health equity in podiatry.
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Health care professionals require quality educational resources to improve health outcomes and ensure equitable health care.


At PIIC, our aim is to provide better health care for all by bridging the gap between medical education and health care access. We do this by creating an image repository which health professionals can filter for symptoms and find images to support correct diagnosis in non-white ethnic populations. We also aim to be an educational platform to support continual professional development [CPD] within healthcare. 

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